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Deep Purple is seriously, utterly mind-blowing.

I mean holy shit. It’s like the ultimate woahy’know



If you’re scared about your country’s uncertain future and you know it, clap your hands

*clap fucking clap*

I think that this post applies to many countries right now * aplaudan putos aplaudan*

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Margot Robbie as the Duchess of New Jersey in The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013.

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  • 1: Touch Roger Daltrey or Robert Plant's hair?
  • 2: Dancing in the street with Mick Jagger or David Bowie?
  • 3: Egg houses with the Doors or go on a panty raid with Pink Floyd?
  • 4: Vacuum with Freddie Mercury in drag or have a photo shoot with Keith Moon in drag?
  • 5: Spend a night in jail with Keith Richards or Jim Morrison?
  • 6: Kiss Ringo Starr's nose or Pete Townshend's nose?
  • 7: Trip acid with Jimi Hendrix or Syd Barrett?
  • 8: Spend your afternoon trying to make Bob Dylan or Morrissey smile?
  • 9: Have a sleepover with Lou Reed and Iggy Pop or David Bowie and Marc Bolan?
  • 10: Be sung to sleep by the Mamas & the Papas or the Beach Boys?
  • 11: Crash a Sweet 16 with Nirvana or have an anti-prom with Radiohead?
  • 12: Feel Frank Zappa's mustache or David Gilmour's hair?
  • 13: Have a water balloon fight with the Who or a snowball fight with the Beatles?
  • 14: What the sunrise with Art Garfunkel or watch the sunset with Paul Simon?
  • 15: Babysit for John Lennon or David Gilmour?
  • 16: Tear down a wall with Roger Waters or feed starving people with Bono?
  • 17: Go to Europe, North America or South America to see a tour?
  • 18: Be stalked by the Goblin King or get into a space ship with Ziggy Stardust?
  • 19: Tickle John Deacon or Rick Wright?
  • 20: Dance with Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?
  • 21: Have Dave Grohl tell you a bedtime story or have Jimmy Page play you a lullaby on his guitar?
  • 22: Go stargazing with Queen for the night or get trapped in a basement with David Bowie for two days?
  • 23: Make George Harrison lunch or have breakfast with Pink Floyd?
  • 24: Air-drum solo to a song by Phil Collins or air-bass solo to a song by the Who?
  • 25: Have a movie night with Brian May and Roger Taylor or go the pet store to play with kittens with Freddie Mercury?
  • 26: Put mascara on Paul McCartney's eyelashes or blush on Roger Waters' cheeks?
  • 27: Have Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant sing to you privately?
  • 28: Make to Roger Daltrey or Jimmy Page laugh?
  • 29: Go rollerskating with Alice Cooper or skateboarding with Black Sabbath?
  • 30: Go to the Record Store with Jack White or walk down the street with John Paul Jones?
  • 31: Watch Syd Barrett paint or George Harrison garden?
  • 32: Wear Pete Townshend's union jacket or bolier suit?
  • 33: Wear Ray Manzarek's glasses or John Entwistle's skeleton suit?
  • 34: Paint Brian May's nails or fix Thom Yorke's hair?
  • 36: Take selfies with Kurt Cobain or instagram with Keith Moon blowing up toilets?
  • 37: Have 5 minutes backstage to talk to Janis Joplin or do Annie Lennox's make up?
  • 38: Take a bubble bath with Paul McCartney or wash Roger Daltrey's hair?
  • 39: Receive a wink from Paul McCartney or make silly faces with John Lennon?
  • 40: Fix a car with Roger Taylor or Nick Mason?
  • 41: Go shopping with Mick Jagger or Roger Waters?
  • 42: Cuddle with Ronnie Wood or have tea with Joe Strummer?
  • 43: Draw on Ringo's face while he's asleep or kiss him good night?
  • 44: Set a guitar on fire with Jimi Hendrix or smash a guitar with Pete Townshend?
  • 45: Try on Freddie Mercury or David Bowie's outfits?

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Jimi Hendrix photographed by Gered Mankowitz, 1967.

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The Outsiders; Part 2/?

❝You know what a Soc is?” I said, my voice shaking with rage. “What trash with Mustangs and madras.❞ 

35, 8, and 2
  • 2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?
  • Hell yeah
  • 8. How often do you listen to music?
  • Around 6 hours daily

  • 35. Did you have a dream last night?
  • No, not that I remember

Thanks pal

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Jimi Hendrix on stage at Woodstock Festival, 1969.

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Metallica - Seek and Destroy [Live Seattle 1989]



Dave’s priceless reaction when Peace Sells starts to play at hockey game.