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We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.


9 versions of Morning on the Seine, by Claude Oscar Monet

c. 1897

Guys I need a little help 

Okay so, I have to do a project for next year and I need somebody who lived their teens in the US during the 80s (it would be great if it was at California).

I need to contact them in any way, or just like to get some questions answered from time to time about the decade. It’s highly important, so yeah. Please guys.



What’s that Metallica song that has ‘yeah’ in it

Jimmy Page and his dragon telecaster gifted from Jeff Beck

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I might get my braces taken off by November halLELUJAH

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Title: UnknownFor Whom the Bell Tolls
Artist: UnknownMetallica
Album: UnknownRide the Lightning
Played: 3713 times


Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Title: UnknownCemetery gates
Artist: UnknownPantera
Album: UnknownCowboys from Hell
Played: 1019 times


Dopesmoker [cassette]